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HI-RES DIGITAL FILES FOR SALE - Prices reduced and may be more cost effective for you - Contact me through email to purchse - 1 file for $20 - 2+ files for $15 each - These are personal downloads only. You may print them as much as you want and can post them online. Not to be used for advertising.

Welcome to Sting Ray Professional Photography! - Please read before making purchases

We are experienced in many fields with a focus on automotive photography. Here you can purchase photos and merchandise of your choice. If you're looking for photos from Osceola Dragway you're in the right place. Thank you in advance for any purchases you make!

NEWCOMERS: You can look through the galleries below to find what you're looking for. This site is a lot like shopping on Amazon or find the things you're looking for, add them to a cart, enter your information, and then have what you want shipped to you. It's that simple. The photos and merchandise are professionally made and they WILL NOT include watermarks or logos when you receive them. If you're seeking to buy MANY PHOTOS please let me know. We may be able to work out a solution that costs you less money.

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April 13th

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April 13th

OPENING DAY - April 6th

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OPENING DAY - April 6th

October 13th

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October 13th

Drag Racing Slideshow

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Drag Racing Slideshow

September 22nd

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September 22nd


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September 8th

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September 8th

September 1st

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